Link text here...This web site is devoted to showing how photographic techniques can be used to visualise otherwise invisible events and objects.
Following on from my 2018 Focal Press book on "Digital Ultraviolet and Infrared Photography", I have just finished another, called "Photographing the Unseen World" published in 2021 by The Crowood Press. It covers UV and IR techniques, polarised light photography and time-lapse and high speed photography. Virtually all of the images it contains were shot specially for the book, and involved working with moldy satsumas, photographing bats in total darkness, and chameleons catching their lunch!

Covid-19 update
I am now doing "Zoom" talks to various societies. Please contact me for further details.

In another piece of news, I have just acquired a rare Nikon 105mm UV-Nikkor lens, one of the best lenses ever produced for reflected UV photography. I will be hiring this lens out to photographers and film companies wanting to produce reflected UV imagery. Please email me for details.